$300,000 Eth.co Buyer Revealed

In May 2021, domain management and marketplace company Efty announced that one of its users sold the Eth.co domain name.

Eth.co sold for the buy-it-now price of $300,000, with the transaction reportedly handled via Escrow.com.

For months, the domain laid dormant, with the owner’s identity obscured by registrar GoDaddy’s privacy restrictions.

Now, though, Eth.co hosts a website and it seems the domain was acquired by a cryptocurrency and NFT fanatic, only known as Robek.

Some digging shows that Robek owns a vast number of NFTs and seems to be a key component of several NFT and crypto communities. According to a bio about Robek, they have a history with bitcoin.

Robek is using Eth.co to display their collection of NFTs and Ethereum domain names. Whether this will be the ultimate use for Eth.co is unclear.

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