6 Recent Domain Purchases by Brent Oxley: Screw.com, Immigrant.com, and More

Hosting entrepreneur turned domain investor Brent Oxley has added several new domain names to his portfolio recently. Here are the names that Oxley has added recently.



Chronic.com was acquired by Oxley from its long-term owner Digital Positions, Inc. The domain was available to buy at Sedo for several years before Oxley picked it up. It’s now for sale on Oxley’s Efty marketplace with a minimum offer value of $1 million.



LinkedIn shows very few companies branding around the term “Evaporate,” but that hasn’t stopped Oxley from purchasing the name from former owners Freedom of Information LLC. According to one estimate, “evaporate” is searched for 50,000 times per month on Google, but there seem to be few commercial possibilities for the term.



According to DomainIQ’s WHOIS history, a couple of domain investment companies have owned this domain name in the past. Top Notch Domains LLC was listed as the registrant in 2015 and Media Options was listed in 2016. It’s unknown who Oxley acquired the domain from.



Acquired by Oxley around a week before the publication of this article, Immigrant.com is one of the latest additions to Oxley’s portfolio. The name was acquired from AK Immigration Consultants, a company that handled thousands of cases for people filing for legal status in the US.



Parasite.com is a domain that, for me, has purely negative connotations. NameBio shows that the name previously sold for $11,000 in 2008, but Oxley’s acquisition price is unknown. WHOIS history suggests Parasite.com was acquired by Oxley from another domain investor.



This five-letter domain could be used in multiple industries and certainly has multiple meanings! Oxley acquired this domain in mid-July from a privacy-protected Uniregistry account. At one point in time, the domain hosted an adult website.


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