Dutch Gift Card Company Acquires Supercharge.com

Supercharge.com, a highly valuable premium domain, changed hands recently and the buyer’s identity may surprise you.

Andrew Rosener, CEO of Media Options, announced his company’s acquisition of Supercharge.com in a 2019 episode of DomainSherpa. After holding for just under two years, Rosener announced the sale of Supercharge.com in a tweet:

Further details were not shared, but according to my research, the domain was acquired by a Dutch gift card business called Premium Cards Group (Cadeau Concepten BV). The company owns and operates a number of online brands including GiftCards.nl.

It certainly isn’t afraid to spend on domain purchases, either. Just recently, Premium Cards Group purchased CarteCadeau.fr for €49,000 in a deal facilitated by Sedo.

What does Premium Cards Group want with Supercharge.com? As of publishing, there are no real clues as to why the company bought the name.

For now, Supercharge.com redirects to Premium Cards Group’s corporate website, CadeauConcepten.nl, but there’s no indication of what the group might use the name for.

Supercharge.com’s value derives from its potential as a brand name, with “supercharge” defined as “to make something more powerful or impressive.” More recently, its value has been closely linked to the electric car market, where Tesla offers a network of superchargers for Tesla car drivers.

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