Felt Launches a Private Beta After $74,750 Domain Purchase

Back in March, DomainNameWire’s Andrew Allemann revealed that the domain Felt.com changed hands for $74,750.

Sold by domain investor Greg Ricks, the Felt.com sale got overshadowed by a larger sale of Cope.com for $138,000 that was announced simultaneously by Ricks. Little was known about the buyer of Felt.com aside from the fact that it was a mysterious, new software company based in California.

Last week, the team behind Felt launched a private beta, showing a glimpse of what the Felt.com domain name will be used for. Before this, the startup existed in stealth mode.

Founded by entrepreneurs Can Duruk and Sam Hashemi, Felt is a platform that is aiming to make it easier to build maps on the Internet. Felt’s datasets can help users to create evolving maps tracking climate change, wildfires, and even virus outbreaks.

Alongside the launch of its private beta, Felt revealed that it has raised $4.5 million in seed funding.

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