James Booth Announces Sale of Answer.io for $105,500

Domain investor and now digital ape trader James Booth has amassed an impressive portfolio of .io domain names over the past year or so. His collection boasts domains such as Neon.io, Hero.io, and Smart.io to name just three.

Booth has also had his share of .io sales including Sun.io for $49,995. Today, he revealed his latest sale, facilitated by SquadHelp.

According to a tweet, Booth sold Answer.io for $105,500. I’ve been told that the amount will be paid in installments. This factor may stop the sale from being charted until the full price has been paid, but it’s an impressive sales figure nonetheless.

As of writing, there are no clues as to who now owns Answer.io, since the name is under WHOIS privacy protection at NameCheap. Answer.io is a versatile name with potential uses in countless industries and niches.

Once the full price of $105,500 has been paid, the sale would rank as one of the largest publicly-disclosed .io sales to date, behind Metaverse.io at $175,000 and Ledger.io at $120,000.

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