Sells for $180,000

Betting and gambling domain names have been hot property for a while. NameBio lists domain sales such as for $1.35 million, for $850,000, and for $487,687.

Another six-figure betting domain has now been closed by domain investor James Booth with the help of brandable marketplace Squadhelp. Booth announced via Twitter that he sold for $180,000:

DomainIQ’s WHOIS history suggests that was acquired by Booth in July 2020 from someone based in China. reveals that had a $199,999 asking price in February 2021.

As of publishing, the identity of the buyer of is unknown. There is a sports betting company called BetU that offers a crypto betting platform secured by smart contracts and powered by its own BetU coin. That company is currently operating on Could BetU have performed an upgrade from to


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