Clubhouse Officially Rebrands to

Clubhouse (not that one) has officially changed its name to Shortcut, using the domain.

In July 2021, the collaboration tool Clubhouse announced it was to change its name from Clubhouse to Shortcut. The reason behind the switch is obvious, really.

From 2014, when the company was founded, to 2021, it had no issues existing on the Clubhouse brand name. The company owned and the @Clubhouse Twitter handle and had even raised $39 million, including a $25 million funding round in January 2020.

In 2021, the audio app Clubhouse began to gain serious traction. By April, it acquired the domain name after securing a Series C funding round that valued the startup at $4 billion, barely a year after it was formed. It also began to use the @Clubhouse Twitter handle.

Collaboration tool producer Clubhouse had two options, either be forever confused with the well-known audio app or rebrand. Smartly, it rebranded.

The Shortcut brand name was unveiled in a blog post from Shortcut CEO Kurt Schrader, who said:

Clubhouse is a good name. Well, it was a good name, because it’s not going to be our name anymore.


For many of you, the reason for this is probably pretty obvious. The Clubhouse Audio App became so big so fast that we couldn’t possibly hope to forever maintain our own brand standing in the face of their popularity.


So we set out to rename ourselves, something many other successful companies have also done for a wide variety of reasons. Our new name is Shortcut, and we’re pretty excited about it.

Shortcut also acquired Now, after months of preparation, Clubhouse has officially rebranded to All company assets, including its collaboration app, have transitioned to Shortcut branding on the domain name. It looks to be a thorough and well-executed rebrand.

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