Did Aelf.com Sell for $1 Million?

Decentralized cloud blockchain network Aelf has reportedly spent big on a new domain name.

According to a Medium article from Aelf, the Singapore-based company spent $1 million acquiring the domain Aelf.com, upgrading from Aelf.io.

The Medium article notes:

Responding to the community’s fierce anticipation, aelf upgraded its “.io” to the new “aelf.com” domain name. The top-level “.com” domain is auctioned at one-million-dollar[sic] and is now owned by aelf team.

It’s not clear whether the phrase “domain is auctioned at one-million-dollar [sic]” is simply a misinterpretation perhaps caused by translation.

Aelf, which also operates the $ELF coin, with a market cap of $431 million, has already developed the Aelf.com domain.

WHOIS history suggests that Aelf.com may have changed hands just a day or two before Aelf’s purchase announcement.

There is no evidence as of yet, aside from the Medium blog post, that Aelf.com did indeed sell for $1 million. It’s not out of the question as a purchase by the right, motivated end-user from a truly unmotivated seller.

Hat tip to @Crysis on NamePros

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