Firework Upgrades from to

Short-form video startup Firework has made a significant investment in its digital brand by upgrading from to

Founded in 2017, Firework describes itself as one of the fastest-growing interactive video platforms. The technology that Firework has developed is being offered to businesses to host live streaming events or short on-site videos.

The Californian startup has sparked interest from both clients and investors, resulting in a total of $119.3 million in funding to date, including a $55 million Series A funding round that was announced in March 2021.

While Firework owns domain names such as,, and, it has opted to use some of its funding to upgrade to

The acquisition was first spotted by domain researcher Jamie Zoch, who noted: has now started forwarding to, confirming that Firework was the buyer. As with many company domain upgrades, Firework will likely switch from using to at some point in the future.

The domain was previously owned by an individual from the UK, who may have been the domain’s original registrant from 1997.

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