ICYMI: A Summer Domaining Recap

Summer, for many, was either about focusing more on vacations than work, or it was about NFTs. With that in mind, many domain-centric stories may have passed you by. Here, I’ve produced a brief recap of some of the top stories from JamesNames.com alongside other important stories from domain industry blogs, in no particular order.



A list of 30+ recent domain ugprades



James Booth sells answer.io for $105,500 on a payment plan

GoDaddy reveals its February 2021 sales data, including the sale of Ava.com for $792,000

Walk.com changes hands in seven-figure deal

George Kirikos uncovers the $3.3 million sale of Hippo.com

Marketing.com sells for $2.5 million

George Kirikos discovers the $1.95 million sale of IS.com

Andrew Rosener confirms MediaOptions sold Wise.com for $2 million

EE.com sells for $1.35 million

EGT.com sells for $450,000

Pop.com acquired for “roughly $1.5 million”

Near.com sold for $1.15 million

Able.com sells for $542,500



AbdulBasit Makrani on His $400,000 in Domain Sales Between January and June 2021

Other News

Nvstr rebrands to Tornado, acquiring Tornado.com from Brent Oxley

$30 million Voice.com launches as an NFT platform

Forge acquires Forge.com

Rob Monster files lawsuit to halt transfer of VOCL.com

.com registration and renewal prices increase

GoDaddy finishes takeover of .club domain extension

Epik becomes the latest owner of DNForum

No Limit Creatives upgrades to NLC.com

Clubhouse (not that one) announces rebrand to Shortcut


Please comment below if I’ve missed anything!

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