Mike Mann Reports $179,888 Sale of AutomatedInvesting.com

Mike Mann, the founder and CEO of DomainMarket.com, has announced his latest sale via social media.

According to Mann, who owns a portfolio consisting of hundreds of thousands of domain names, revealed that his company sold the domain AutomatedInvesting.com for $179,888.

This is far from the first time that the veteran investor has hit the six-figure mark for a domain sale. NameBio lists sales such as CryptoWorld.com for $195,000 and Ready.org for $169,888 among Mann’s previous deals. Earlier this year, Mann also reported the $300,000 sale of DigitalArtists.com, but the name still looks to be in an Escrow.com account, based on WHOIS data.

In an email, Mann confirmed his sale of AutomatedInvesting.com, sharing that the sale occurred via GoDaddy’s Afternic marketplace. At the time of the sale, AutomatedInvesting.com resolved to an Afternic landing page.

Investopedia defines automated investing as “the use of digital platforms to make pre-programmed investing and trading decisions for customers based on algorithms and variables from the user such as age, income, goals, and risk tolerance.”

Automated investing could become more prevalent with the development of AI technology. SoFi, for example, now offers an automated investing solution that has attracted some interest from media outlets in particular.

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