Swan Bitcoin Acquires Swan.com

In the last few years, crypto ventures have accounted for hundreds of premium domain acquisitions. Exodus.com, Sushi.com, and Tent.com are just three of the numerous examples of this.

Now, there is another name to add to that list as Swan Bitcoin has acquired Swan.com, upgrading from SwanBitcoin.com in the process.

Swan.com, a rare example of a four-letter animal .com domain, previously redirected to the Twitter account of Media Options CEO, Andrew Rosener. Rosener reported the acquisition of the domain in a tweet from July 2019.

WHOIS history suggests the domain changed hands at the beginning of September, with Swan.com redirecting to SwanBitcoin.com as of writing.

Rosener, who interviewed Bitcoin heavyweight Michael Saylor in 2020, confirmed the sale of Swan.com but wasn’t able to give any further details.

Swan Bitcoin, founded in 2019, is a Bitcoin saving app that makes accumulative daily Bitcoin purchases easy.

Swan Bitcoin’s tagline is “Own Your Future.” By acquiring Swan.com, Swan Bitcoin certainly owns its future.

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