4 Domains Purchased by Andy Booth Recently: Amber.com, and More

Recently, Andy Booth has been heavily involved in the NFT space, making headlines for sizable purchases and sales of digital art, in particular, from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. However, Booth is still buying domain names. Here are four ultra-premium names that he recently acquired.



Vanquish, defined as “defeat thoroughly,” is a powerful, conquering word that makes for a great domain name. According to Archive.org, Vanquish.com used to be the home of Vanquish Labs, a company that offered anti-spam products.



Before Booth’s acquisition, Paradise.com had been on the market for a while. The name, which was registered in 1989, was being brokered by domain name marketplace Sedo. Senior broker Dave Evanson confirmed the domain’s sale in late September. The purchase price was not revealed.



Exact-match color domains are hard to come by for investors. They trade infrequently thanks to their rarity and value. However, Andy Booth managed to nab Amber.com recently. According to NameBio, the domain previously sold for $180,000 in 2015. It’s not clear how much Booth paid for the domain.



In July 2021, DomainInvesting.com revealed that Velvet.com had been sold. Further details were not immediately available, but it was later revealed that Andy Booth was the buyer, with the domain reportedly selling for $350,000. Velvet.com screams luxury and sophistication and will likely sell for far more than Booth’s acquisition price.



This year, Booth also acquired Universal.com, but this was quickly flipped to Universal Studios. He was also the winner of an expiry auction for BDC.com, bidding $92,000, but it was later revealed that the domain was renewed.

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