Acquired by a Marksmen Client

Marksmen, an intellectual property acquisition specialist, has acquired on behalf of a client. The company is no stranger to purchasing one-word .com domain names for its customers, having previously facilitated deals for the likes of,, and

The domain was acquired from domain investor and co-founder of DNWE, Josh Schoen. Schoen, who owns other ultra-premium domains such as and, confirmed the sale of via Twitter, noting that the name was sold along with the common misspelling, Smartly, Schoen also owned this domain:

As of publishing, we do not know the identity of the buyer. The domain name has moved into privacy protection at GoDaddy, so there are few clues as to who the new owner is. is a highly aspirational name with multiple potential buyers, so it will be interesting to see who bought the domain name and what they plan to do with it. Since Marksmen was involved in the purchasing process, it’s likely to be a corporate buyer.

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