Sells Courtesy of Andrew Miller and Secret Brokerage

As a domain name industry writer, I track thousands of domain names and registration changes to try to spot potential sales. Today, a new domain change has led to the discovery of another one-word sale.

The name in question is, which I saw move from a privacy-protected Google Domains account into corporate registrar CSC.

This adverb domain name looked familiar as one of the dozens of domains that I thought had been represented by domain broker Andrew Miller of ATM Holdings.

A quick call to Miller confirmed the sale and his involvement in it as the seller’s representative. Arif Sengoren of Secret Brokerage represented the buyer. According to Miller,

“I can confirm that the domain name was sold in a deal I oversaw for the seller, working in conjunction with Arif Sengoren from Secret Brokerage, who represented the buyer. It was great to work on a deal with Arif in what is a phenomenal win-win for the seller and buyer.”

Unfortunately, no further details were able to be shared.

From what I can tell, was likely acquired by an end-user, who seems to have registered the domain around three weeks before buying

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