Home Decor Brand Lick Upgrades to Lick.com

British home decor brand Lick has an ambitious strategy to make the world of decorating cooler. As the likes of Purple and Casper did with mattresses, Lick is attempting to offer new, stylish products to a millennial audience of homeowners.

Founded in 2019, Lick has built a loyal community of buyers that expanded to almost 150,000 in its first year, and likely sits at a far higher number now.

Lick has been a hit with the venture capital community too, having raised $28 million of funding including a $23 million Series A round that was announced in  June 2021.

To match its early success, Lick has now completed an upgrade from LickHome.com to Lick.com, with the name transferring to GoDaddy in a deal that closed in late August.

First spotted by Jamie Zoch on Twitter, he suggested that Lick was the buyer, but it was unclear at the time:

Now, though, Lick has officially transitioned from LickHome.com to Lick.com, switching its website and associated assets to its new domain. The company is also actively promoting Lick.com via its social media channels. Smartly, it operates the @Lick Instagram account, where it has a sizable following of over 232,000.

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