Sells for $149,000

The largest .so domain sale of all time has been closed by domain name investor Nikul Sanghvi’s

Sanghvi, who has made alternative extensions his forté, has made a number of .so sales in 2021, including,, and, all for prices in the mid-four-figure range.

That four-figure ceiling has been well and truly shattered though, with the reported sale of for $149,000.

According to Sanghvi, this was a BIN (buy it now) sale, in which the buyer opted to pay the asking price for the domain name rather than negotiating.

As of writing, the name is under privacy protection at NameCheap, so the buyer is unknown.

Meta is a trending keyword at the moment, with names such as and selling for six-figures apiece this year, too.

The .so extension is the ccTLD for the African country Somalia, but it has been adopted by numerous startups including Notion, which started its workplace software company on The company now owns, too.


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