Potential $1 Million+ Domain Sales in 2021 – Part 3

There have been several publicly disclosed domain deals at over $1 million this year, but many other seven-, eight-, or nine-figure domain sales are never reported. In the third of a three-part series, I’m looking at five domain names that likely sold for $1 million or more in 2021.



In 2020, British SMS company IntisTele acquired the domain IT.co.uk for £187,500, which equated to around $242,000 at the time of the sale. A year later an IntisTele went one better by acquiring IT.com for an undisclosed fee. The deal was facilitated by James Booth and although the sales price wasn’t disclosed, it is thought that the domain sold for a seven-figure fee.

Sales of two-letter, one-word .COM sales are extremely rare with few recent comparables available aside from WE.com at $8 million and LA.com at $1.2 million.



In part two of this three-part series, I mentioned three domain sales brokered by Andrew Miller that are thought to be $1 million+ deals. Here’s one more. In July 2021, I noticed that WHOIS information for the Walk.com domain changed, suggesting that it had sold. It was confirmed by the aforementioned Miller that the name had sold. While a sales figure couldn’t be revealed, it was confirmed that the sale was in the seven-figure range.

As of publishing, the name remains unused.



Block.com is a name that has changed hands a couple of times in recent years, based on WHOIS history. Early in 2021, Block.com was listed for sale at Sedo, with senior broker Dave Evanson tweeting information about the domain, and attaching a $2.5 million asking price.

By May 2021, Block.com had changed registrars and I believe it changed owners, too. Ever since, Block.com has hosted a mysterious “coming soon” page. With the $2.5 million asking price in mind, and the fact that the term “block” is trending thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, a seven-figure sale is likely.



Norwegian online grocery company Kolonial rebranded to Oda earlier in the year as the company moved beyond Norway into Scandanavia and beyond. In the process, Kolonial moved from Kolonial.no to Oda.com.

The domain wasn’t cheap, reportedly costing a “double-digit million amount,” likely referring to the Norwegian Krone.

10 million Norwegian Krone currently equates to around $1.2 million while 99.99 million Norwegian Krone equates to around $12 million. We can say, then, that Oda acquired Oda.com for a seven- or eight-figure fee.



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