Retraction: Did Not Sell for $100,000. It Sold for Double That!

In September, published details of an SEC filing that seemed to suggest that the domain name was purchased for $100,000.

The name, which was previously part of the Future Media Architects domain portfolio, was acquired by Madison Technologies Inc., which rebranded to in May 2021, a press release reveals.

A 10-Q filing from Madison Technologies Inc. showed that had a purchase cost of $100,000 (above), but as it turns out, this is half of the story, literally.

This week, I had an engaging phone call with‘s co-founder and broker, Jeff Gabriel., which exclusively represents the Future Media Architects portfolio, was instrumental in securing the sale of

According to Gabriel, pitched the domain name to the buyer after they originally inquired about another domain that was beyond their budget. was a perfect fit for the company’s ambitious plans to develop a comprehensive video content platform.

The $100,000 fee mentioned in the aforementioned 10-Q SEC filing has been confirmed as the first installment of a payment plan worth $200,000, plus escrow fees of around $2,000.

If the sale of charts once the payment plan has been paid in full, it would easily rank as the largest publicly-disclosed .tv sale of all time, beating by around $75,000.

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