This Suggests Sold for $350,000 or More

In August, I published details of a new project brought to market by Agent Image, described as “the ultimate presentation platform for real estate agents.”

That new project was notable thanks to the choice of the domain name used, The single-word .com was acquired by Agent Image’s parent company, The Design People, in July 2021.

Now, a press release from Agent Image reveals a few more details about the company’s new project and its domain name.

Agent Image shared the following about its new domain,

“The deal, brokered by, ranks in the top 35 of all domain purchases YTD and the top three of six-letter, single-word domains in 2021.”

A look at DNJournal’s year-to-date chart suggests that the sales price would have been $350,000 or more. A number of names such as,, and are all listed as selling for $350,000.

The top three six-letter, single-word domain sales in 2021 are listed by DNJournal as at $1,945,000, at $812,000, and at $415,000.

With Agent Image suggesting the purchase price of was in the top three of this specific category, it would mean that the price would be $415,000 or more.


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