After Selling for $264,000, is Back on the Market

In January 2020, domain marketplace Sedo revealed it had sold for $264,000 in what was to become the twelfth largest publicly-disclosed domain sale of that year.

The one-word domain was swiftly put into use by a Berlin-based company that aimed to provide unbiased software reviews by experts but that project seems to have faded.

With most active links on the website now leading to casino provider details, it’s clear that the original idea for the domain has not come to fruition.

Building a project on a one-word .com domain does provide a certain level of liquidity. Thanks to the popularity of one-word .com names, they can be resold to another end-user or investor.

That’s the case with, as Sedo broker Dave Evanson announced that was back on the market.

Sedo’s landing page for the domain name shows that the name is available for sale with a minimum offer value of $100,000 placed on the name.

For an early-stage startup or an entrepreneur with an idea, a six-figure sum for a domain can be a daunting prospect, but often lease-to-own or domain financing (such as Domain Capital) can help facilitate deals where the opportunity didn’t exist before.


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