Acquired for £273,000, According to This Filing

Founded in 2015, Curve is a British finance company that allows consumers to consolidate cards and accounts into one using a Curve card and app.

The Curve platform has gained popularity thanks to its innovative core features as well as the addition of other financial services. It claims that more than 2 million people are using its platform, which is live across 31 markets in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA).

To help its expansion, Curve has raised a steady stream of funding that totals $182.5 million as of publishing. This includes over $100 million in 2021 alone to help its expansion into the US market.

Up until 2020, Curve operated on, but made a significant upgrade to after it acquired the domain from entrepreneur and investor Brent Oxley via his Efty marketplace in January 2020.

Oxley himself acquired the domain name from General Motors in 2017 in a deal brokered by Monte Cahn and Joe Uddeme.

Information from Curve’s financial statement, discovered today, suggests that the company paid £273,000 to acquire

A screenshot of Curve’s filing suggests it paid £273,000 for

The filing, pictured above, notes a cost involving the “group website domain name.” While isn’t explicitly stated, it is the group’s domain name. WHOIS and of’s movement match with the £273,000 acquisition from 2020.

At the time, the £273,000 fee equated to around $362,000. If charted by DNJournal, the domain would have been listed as the 9th largest publicly-disclosed domain sale of 2020.


Thanks to George Kirikos for double-checking the filing.

3 thoughts on “ Acquired for £273,000, According to This Filing”

  1. CORPORATIONs know the value of premium dot-COM domain names.

    A strategy they use against Domain speculators is making low-ball offers, but dare not approach a corporate seller with a low ball offer.

    Lesson in there.

  2. Great find and great news with these one-letter domain sales. Hopefully, this can push the price of 3L down (as they’re seeking funds to secure a 1-word name) so that I can get my hands on one! It seems everything, like markets, ebbs and flow…


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