Did Bulb pay £1 million for Bulb.com?

Bulb, an energy company based in the UK, has made headlines around the world today after the firm announced it would be moving into administration, affecting 1.7 million customers.

Following the rise in gas prices this year, Bulb has faced difficulties and failed to shore up its finances in recent weeks.

From a domain perspective, Bulb operates on Bulb.com and also owns Bulb.co.uk and Bulb.es.

Looking through a company accounts filing that Bulb made with the UK government this year, it seems that Bulb may have paid £1 million to buy Bulb.com.

On page 25 of its filing, it lists the addition of a £1 million (around $1.21 million in 2019) domain name between March 2019 and March 2020. This number may be rounded to the nearest million.

WHOIS history suggests that Bulb.com moved into Bulb’s possession around August 2019.

If Bulb.com did change hands for exactly £1 million in August 2019, which equated to around $1.21 million at the time, it would have been the fifth-largest domain sale of the year, according to DNJournal’s chart.

3 thoughts on “Did Bulb pay £1 million for Bulb.com?”

  1. Now I need to look into possibly protecting one of my domains that I’m building out (Tulb) as it’s focusing on energy-efficient tuneable lightbulbs… Thanks for the update!

      • “When a company goes into administration, they have entered a legal process (under the Insolvency Act 1986) with the aim of achieving one of the statutory objectives of an administration. This may be to rescue a viable business that is insolvent due to cashflow problems.

        An appointment of an administrator (a licensed insolvency practitioner) will be made by directors, a creditor or the court to fulfil the administration process.”



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