DuckDuckGo Finally Puts to Use

In 2018, search engine DuckDuckGo acquired from rivals Google, eight years after the tech giant originally received the domain during the acquisition of video codec company On2., which used to redirect visitors to Google’s own website, transitioned to DuckDuckGo’s possession in December 2018. A report I made at NamePros at the time included confirmation of the purchase from DuckDuckGo’s CEO, Gabriel Weinberg.

Ever since, has redirected to Now, though, DuckDuckGo has put to use.

The privacy-focused search engine has now turned its attention to email protection, with playing a major role in its new product.

According to details released earlier this year, users of DuckDuckGo’s new email protection service will receive a free, personal email address. Emails sent to your address will forward to your regular inbox, but the email will be stripped of any email trackers.

Trackers can detect when you open an email, where you were when you opened it and what device you were using. DuckDuckGo’s email protection removes those trackers.

Three years on from acquiring, it’s great to see DuckDuckGo putting the domain to such good use.

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