Looks Like OpenSea Bought OpenSea.com

In Sedo’s October GreatDomains auction, there were several standout names. Portugal.com, Affiliate.com, and Bronze.com all attracted immense interest, but OpenSea.com was the subject of much discussion, too.

A couple of years ago, OpenSea.com wouldn’t have made headlines. But thanks to the success of the NFT marketplace OpenSea, which has resulted in more than $120 million in funding alone this year, OpenSea.com attracted attention. Notably, OpenSea has operated on OpenSea.io since its inception in 2017.

The OpenSea.com domain failed to sell at the auction event, with the name not reaching the reserve price. An archive.org capture from October 16th showed the reserve price was between $500,000 and $999,999.

In reality, there was only one potential buyer for the domain name, and that was the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Days after Sedo’s auction ended, OpenSea.com transferred registrars from Enom to NameCheap under WHOIS privacy protection, suggesting that the domain may have sold. Unfortunately, Sedo declined to confirm a sale had occurred.

Today, OpenSea.com began redirecting to OpenSea.io. It’s likely, then, that OpenSea acquired OpenSea.com. The company has also set up MX email records for OpenSea.com, which likely forwards misguided emails from an OpenSea.com to an OpenSea.io address.

OpenSea’s acquisition of OpenSea.com is a necessary brand protection move for the company. It’s unclear whether OpenSea will transition entirely from OpenSea.io to OpenSea.com, or whether it will simply redirect the .com to its longstanding .io.

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  1. They made a mistake by offering it for that. ITs what happens when you don’t hire a broker. You don’t set a price on a name like that. Worth 5-10 million all day long.




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