The Sedo Sales Roundup: October Edition – at $250,000, and More…

In the Sedo sales roundup, I take a look back at five domain names that sold at domain marketplace Sedo within the past month. In this edition, I’m covering five sales from October to explore who may have acquired the names and why. – $250,000

Past tense domains very rarely (publicly) sell for six-figure fees. The sale of joins ($174,999) as selling for a six-figure fee this year. NameBio shows that before this year, the last $100,000+  sale ending in “ed” happened in 2017 when sold for $150,000.

Who, then, paid $250,000 to acquire I believe the domain may have been acquired by a British company named Laced. Founded in 2018, Laced is a sneaker marketplace selling authentic, trendy brands such as Air Jordan, Yeezy, and Travis Scott.

While the company is based in the UK, it has a worldwide client base. This may make its domain name somewhat obsolete. is currently registered under WHOIS privacy protection at GoDaddy, which means I can’t be sure that the company bought the domain. However, Laced does own which is also registered at GoDaddy. This alone isn’t enough to confirm that Laced acquired, but the company fits the bill as the most likely buyer. – $55,137

Brandable four-letter .com domains can make good investments and can sell for sizable sums. The sale of for $55,137 is a prime example. was acquired by Topp Holdings, a German company focusing on the business services sector. Topp Holdings is named for the Topp family that owns the company.

Topp Holdings is no small company. It’s an international business with 5,600 employees working across ten core brands in seven different countries. A $55,137 domain purchase may be considered small fry, then.

This was a direct upgrade from and while the company hasn’t put to use as of writing, it’s likely the company will transition from to – $38,000

Trave is a little-known English word defined as “a frame to confine an unruly horse or ox for shoeing.” I would consider this to be a brandable domain. It was acquired by Traveloka, an Indonesian technology company offering services in the travel industry. Think of it as a Trivago or Expedia for southern Asia.

There’s no immediate reason that I can see as to why Traveloka acquired, aside from wondering whether a rebrand might be in the pipeline. If Traveloka is looking to expand internationally, the current name may not “travel” well. Shortening to Trave may work better internationally.

Alternatively, it could be a defensive purchase. – $30,000 

There has been a frenzy around “meta” keyword domain registrations and acquisitions amid the hype surrounding Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. While Meta already owns, the company has been busy acquiring “meta” related domains. Meta was the likely buyer in the $149,000 deal and via various law firms, has almost certainly acquired more.

This is an instance where the company’s lawyers paid a $30,000 premium for a name containing both “meta” and “FB,” the common initialism for Facebook.

WHOIS shows the domain is registered to Perkins Coie, LLP, an international law firm that works for Facebook, tasked with “Internet Enforcement.” The seller of this name, who registered it only a month before selling, may have got extremely lucky with this sale. In some circumstances, a registration like this could result in UDRP action. – $29,105

Sedo, with its heavy presence in Germany, has always performed well when it comes to .de domain names. In fact, 14 of the top 20 .de domain sales of all time are attributed to Sedo. The latest sale of is intriguing, though.

On the face of it, you’d be forgiven for thinking that may be valued at no more than its registration fee. However, hyphens are commonplace in German domains, and one company at least thought was valuable enough to spend $29,105 on it.

That company is Otto Office, a German office supplies company that operates on It operates in Belgium and Germany, all under the domain. It already owns the likes of and This looks to have been a defensive acquisition.

Curiously,, using the ccTLD for Belgium, was registered on October 26th 2021, just days after the sale of was announced. The name is up for sale for $25,000 – highly opportunistic.

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  1. Short past tense domains like make great consumer facing brands. for $250K would be a great upgrade for the ecommerce shoe store. As the price for one-word domains continue to skyrocket, I expect many more coming six-figure sales of short .com domains ending in “ed”, “able”, “ing”, etc.


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