7 Companies That Upgraded Domains in Q4 2021

Here are seven companies that upgraded their domain names in Q4 of 2021.



British sneaker marketplace Laced secured Laced.com for $250,000 in a deal facilitated by Sedo. Laced currently operates on the UK ccTLD, Laced.co.uk, redirecting Laced.com to its UK equivalent for now.



Cocoon.com was previously in the hands of Cocoon, a private messaging app for groups. However, since the company was acquired by Substack, Cocoon.com has seemingly been acquired by another company named Cocoon. This one handles employee leave benefits. The company upgraded from MeetCocoon.com.



According to Elliot Silver, Zoom recording app Grain made a significant purchase of Grain.com. Silver’s article suggests that the domain was previously owned by Digimedia. The domain currently redirects to Grain.co.



Scan.com was acquired both as an upgrade and as the foundation of an entirely new venture. National MRI Scan Ltd. of the UK bought Scan.com with the aim of launching a diagnostic imaging platform in the US and Germany in 2022. At the same time, it will transition its UK business from NationalMRIScan.com to the Scan.com domain.



After raising $30.5 million in funding, this five-year-old location data platform secured the Radar.com domain name. It comes as a significant upgrade from its previous Radar.io name. CEO Nick Patrick announced Radar’s acquisition of the domain in a blog post.



Reflex Publishing owns hundreds of the most desirable domains in the world, and they aren’t known for selling them. Yet, after raising $120 million in a Series B funding round, Panther Labs managed to acquire Panther.com. You’ll agree that it’s a much more commanding domain than the company’s original RunPanther.io name.



Confidence is an AI-powered platform for task completion. The company acquired Confidence.com in November 2021, upgrading from ConfidenceSystems.com. Confidence already owns Confidence.org, but acquiring the .com is a major coup for the brand.

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