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Satoshi, a traditional Japanese name meaning “clear thinking” or “wise,” has taken on a new definition in the last decade.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the presumed pseudonym for the person, or group of people, that created Bitcoin. He has become an almost mythical figure in the cryptocurrency world and many people have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto over the last ten years.

A Satoshi is also the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

To anyone in the cryptocurrency community, Satoshi is a legendary name and the equivalent .com,, can be considered to be as powerful.

In March 2021, digital asset investor Andy Booth announced his purchase of

After more than eight months of ownership, has now changed ownership.

I noticed WHOIS data for the domain update earlier this week, with then making the move from GoDaddy’s Uniregistry registrar to Epik on December 2.

Booth was able to confirm the sale, but further details of the deal haven’t been disclosed. As of publishing, there are no clues to the buyer’s identity, with the domain registered under WHOIS privacy protection at Epik.

Despite selling, Booth has plenty of ultra-premium names under ownership, including,, and The latter,, is home to the NFT project headed by Andy Booth, James Booth, and Shane Cultra.

The trio have teamed up with two very talented artists to produce a collection of 10,000 “Paradise Trippies” with an impressive project roadmap.

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