Correlation Risk Partners Upgrades to (A Former Brent Oxley Domain)

Brent Oxley, the founder of Hostgator and, has amassed a sizable portfolio of one-word .com domains over the past six years or so. The likes of,, and demonstrate the quality that is in Oxley’s portfolio.

Oxley also has some “lesser” one-word .com names, too. One of those has sold and made a great upgrade for an established company.

The domain in question is, a name that Oxley acquired in 2019 for an undisclosed fee. It held a minimum offer value of $20,000 at Oxley’s Efty marketplace.

WHOIS history suggests the domain sale took place around the beginning of 2021, but the buyer wasn’t revealed until recently.

The buyer of for an undisclosed fee is Correlation Risk Partners, an insurance and finance group based in London. Until recently, Correlation Risk Partners operated on

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