Did Gamble.com and Roulette.com Both Just Sell?

Sales of the top gambling domain names are few and far between. Gambling.com sold for $2.5 million in 2011 via Sedo, and Betting.com changed hands in 2020 for an undisclosed fee, with a handful of other sales likely, too.

Now, though, two more ultra-premium gambling domain names may have changed hands in the same deal.

Until recently, Gamble.com and Roulette.com were both owned by Southern Farmland Corporation of Atlanta, Georgia. The company was also a previous registrant of Chocolate.com.

In early December, the registrant for both Gamble.com and Roulette.com changed to Coleman Talley, LLP, an Atlanta-based law firm. Days after this registrant change, Gamble.com and Roulette.com transferred to registrar Safenames, a domain portfolio management company.

While I haven’t been able to confirm the sale of these domains, I believe these two ultra-premium names may have sold. That belief is based on the brief presence of legal firm Coleman Talley as the registrant of these domains, with the attorneys likely used as an escrow service. Coupled with the fact that both domains changed registrars to Safenames, and it has the hallmarks of a domain sale.

Assuming the domains did sell, the identity of the new owner is unknown, but Safenames represents thousands of companies and individuals. Some of the most sought-after domains are already registered with Safenames including Bank.com, Meet.com, and Loop.com.

Multi-million dollar assets Gamble.com and Roulette.com now join the Safenames ranks.

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