Game Lounge has spent over €9 million on domain names

Game Lounge, an online marketing specialist, has spent millions of dollars on domain names, according to a company filing.

Founded in 2011, Game Lounge is an affiliate marketing network that is highly active in the online gaming and gambling industries. Success in several niches has led Game Lounge to operate over 150 casino sites and establish a sports betting network.

At the heart of its sports betting network is, a powerhouse brand name catering to users from the US, the UK, Europe, and Scandinavia. According to DomainIQ, the domain was likely acquired in mid-2020, moving from corporate domain management company Com Laude to a privacy-protected account at PSI-USC, Inc.

With Game Lounge’s acquisition of, it’s clear that the company isn’t afraid to acquire a costly domain.

A screenshot of Game Lounge’s filing

A recently discovered accounts filing from Game Lounge in Malta has confirmed the company’s willingness to spend big on domains. Despite not disclosing purchase prices for individual domains, Game Lounge does disclose that it has paid over €9.25 million ($10.46 million) for domain names. This figure is likely to include all domain name acquisitions since forming in 2011.

The filing shows that the company paid another €2,040,886 for domain names in 2020, bringing its combined total spend at the end of 2020 to €11,305,334 (around $12.78 million).

Game Lounge also made a venture into domain sales, acquiring the brandable marketplace Domainify.

It’s unclear which domains or assets are included under the “Domains” categorization in this filing, but it is an example of a company willing to spend big on the right domain names for its business.



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  1. Have you done a reverse name search on all the domains they own?

    Would be interesting

    They inquired about one of my domains a year or 2 ago

    Keep up the good work.
    Very under-appreciated blog (doesn’t get much comments)


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