Radar Acquires Radar.com via GoDaddy

Location data infrastructure platform Radar has successfully completed a major domain name upgrade.

Founded in 2016 in New York, Radar has developed a product that helps retail brands drive store visits and customer loyalty via location-based marketing.

Radar has recruited clients such as T-Mobile, Cars.com, and American Eagle among other high-profile brands.

The company has also fared well with venture capitalists, securing $30.5 million in funding, including a $20 million Series B round from February 2020.

Radar is building on its success by upgrading from its existing Radar.io domain to Radar.com.

According to WHOIS history, Radar.com was previously redirected to an Afternic landing page. When asked, GoDaddy confirmed to me that Radar.com did sell via its platform, but couldn’t disclose any further details.

After switching domains from Radar.io to Radar.com, Radar made an announcement in which CEO Nick Patrick said:

The new domain name is fitting as we work to build a category-defining company in the coming years.



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