Top Domains Recently Acquired by Braden Pollock:,, and More

Leading domain name investor Braden Pollock is almost constantly adding to his vast portfolio of premium domains. The quality of names on show at his Legal Brand Domains Efty page is extremely high, especially in the one-word .com category.

In 2021, Pollock has sold domains such as for $400,000, for $400,000, and for $257,0000 to name but a few. He has likely reinvested this, and more, into his domain portfolio. Here are some of Pollock’s purchases from the past few months.

This four-letter, common word .com domain now sits alongside the likes of,, and in Pollock’s portfolio. Inch is actively used by many brands and would make for a great upgrade for several well-positioned companies. WHOIS history suggests that this was acquired by Pollock in September 2021.

Color domains are always popular brand names. Purple, for example, is a successful mattress retailer that bought for $900,000. Beige, although not the most common color, still has tremendous value as a brand name. The domain was previously owned by General Motors. was acquired by Pollock around October 2021. Birdie could be defined as “a little bird,” but there are also obvious connections with the potentially lucrative world of golf, where birdie is a common term for a score of one less than par.

Residual income is an income that you continue to receive after the initial income-producing work. Music or art royalties, book sales, and even real estate rentals are perfect examples of residual income.

For anyone that knows London, Mayfair screams luxury. Mayfair is an affluent area of West London, home to world-famous hotels such as The Ritz and Claridge’s. Mayfair is also a widely used brand name, with LinkedIn listing 2,100 company results for the term “Mayfair.”

Institution is a versatile word that can be defined as “a large and important organization,” but it can also describe a college or university. WHOIS history shows that the domain has been registered to leading domain financing company, Domain Capital, in the past.

Another four-letter .com domain that Pollock added to his portfolio recently is The domain looks to have been acquired from InfoGroup Inc., which itself received the domain during the acquisition of company @Once in 2005. Once is also “eleven” in Spanish.

Registered in 1995, is a strong, single-word .com. When researching companies branded around the word “Cancel,” I find real estate services and subscription cancellation companies. is a prestigious domain name. The word chancellor denotes power. Across the UK and Europe, chancellor is often used as a title for positions of power in education, politics, and finance.

According to, may have been on sale a while before it ended up in Pollock’s portfolio. The popular pasta could make for a fun brand name.



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