Top 9 End User, Three Letter .com Sales from 2020

Domain sales can typically be placed in one of two categories. Either it’s an end-user purchase, or a domain investor/resale purchase. Unfortunately, available sales data tends not to differentiate between the two categories, presenting all data in one set.

That’s because it would be supremely difficult to keep track of all end-user versus investor acquisitions. Here, I’ve attempted to list the top (publicly disclosed) end-user sales for 2020 in the three-letter .com category. The original data is courtesy of NameBio, which does a phenomenal job of providing data on domain names.

wdt_ID Domain Name Purchase Price
2 $200,000
42 $140,000
43 $115,000
44 $100,000
45 $100,000
46 $90,000
47 $74,000
48 $53,000
49 $27,500


Public sales data is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to domain sales, but we can only report on what is disclosed. This table was created using my own judgment to define what was an end-user purchase and what wasn’t.

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