2 Startups Share Positives of Acquiring a Premium .com: RemoteOK.com and Cal.com

Six months after acquiring RemoteOK.com for $102,000, an entrepreneur took to Twitter to share just how much the right domain can impact a brand.

RemoteOK, a job board for remote-focused employment opportunities, started life on RemoteOK.io until its founder acquired RemoteOK.com for a six-figure fee in November 2021.

Switching to RemoteOK.com has contributed to a sizable increase in traffic, which is documented by the company’s founder, Pieter Levels, on Twitter:

While traffic was growing, you can see from the tweet above that switching from RemoteOK.io to RemoteOK.com contributed to a noticeable increase in traffic to the site.

Another founder also shared statistics after a 2021 rebrand. Just five months after launching its initial product, scheduling service Calendso rebranded to Cal.com, a phenomenally powerful domain name.

Cal.com’s co-CEO, Peer Richelsen, shared a cumulative customer count before and after rebranding to Cal.com:

The company went from a cumulative customer count of 220 to a count of 13,452 between September 2021 and January 2022. The company’s weekly active user count, available here, also follows a similar trajectory.

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