Almost a year after Mike Mann’s $300,000 sale, the domain finally gets updated

In March 2021 much of the world had yet to hear about NFTs. It was a time before the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, and the World of Women collections.

Domains related to NFTs, though, were selling well. Andrew Rosener, CEO of Media Options, had just reported the sale of, and Mike Mann announced that he sold for $300,000.

Since the sale, moved into a GoDaddy account controlled by, but the domain’s nameservers hadn’t been updated and we had no idea who had acquired the name.

Now, the domain still resides in’s holding account, suggesting that the $300,000 domain sale was made via a payment plan, but we do have a clearer picture as to who bought

As of publishing, hosts a basic coming soon page with a suggestion that the domain will be used as a Web 3.0 art platform.

Looking at the privacy policy for, as dull as that sounds, shows us that Group Ltd. is operating the domain. The company, registered in Bulgaria, is an NFT-centric company focusing on the development of NFT-related music and artistic ventures. It’s likely that will become a platform that curates and displays NFT art.

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