Debtsy completes its rebrand to January, with – Director explains the move

Debt resolution platform Debtsy has officially rebranded from the aforementioned Debtsy to January. Along the way, it acquired from entrepreneur Brent Oxley.

Earlier this week, I guessed that the company was about to make a move to rebrand after changing its company name from Debtsy, Inc. to January Technologies, Inc. Days later, I was proved right as Debtsy became January.

Why did Debtsy ultimately decide to change its name? Director of operations, Tyler Gillies, took to LinkedIn to explain the company’s move. In his post, Gillies explains:

Debtsy officially changed its name to January! We made this change because we want our name to reflect what we care about most: helping consumers get back on the path to financial stability. January represents a fresh start.

Notably, the company acquired months before making the switch. was previously owned by Brent Oxley, who purchased the name for $107,000 at the beginning of 2020. The name pointed to Oxley’s Efty marketplace, where it held a minimum offer value of $200,000.

The acquisition of spells bad news for mobile app creator January, which operates on The company has raised $29.8 million in funding to date, including an $8.8 million venture round in early 2021. It opted not to acquire, though.




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