Fintech platform Troop upgrades to

Fintech company Troop has worked in stealth mode for the last year, refining a strategy that it is now brining to the public. More specifically, to those with shares in publicly traded companies.

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs based in Brooklyn, Troop works with the tagline of “activating every day investors.” In an in-depth blog post, Troop outlines its mission to empower everyday retail investors in large public corporations to help steer these corporations towards enacting policies that benefit the smaller shareholders and the planet.

With individual investors owning 29% of total shares in the market, these investors can collectively enact genuine change. Troop is here to coordinate those changes.

The company initially launched on, a respectful and impactful domain, but the company has now snagged, in a move confirmed to me by the Troop team.

According to DomainIQ’s Whois data, the domain moved into Troop’s possession earlier this month. The name now redirects to Troop’s current site,

Troop’s acquisition was first spotted by Elliot Silver and Jamie Zoch on Twitter:

With $1.8 million in funding under their belt and now the ultra-premium, the company has solid foundations to grow.

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