James William Awad, the $440,000 buyer of James.com, is making major headlines

Over the weekend, my blog has had an influx of extra traffic, largely focused on one story from May 2021. That story covers the $440,000 domain sale of James.com.

The renewed interest in the story is thanks to a party flight, organized by James William Awad, the buyer of James.com for $440,000 in bitcoin.

Awad, whose company also owns domains such as Coconut.com and Cranberry.com, made international headlines after organizing what has been referred to as a “wild influencer party flight” from Montreal to Mexico.

Since acquiring James.com in May 2021, Awad has used the domain to host a website dedicated to his personal and professional ventures. Although, James.com is struggling to stay online, thanks to the public interest in Awad.

The James.com domain is catching the eye of many commentators, journalists, and interested parties across social media.


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