Pet healthcare startup Fuzzy acquires

Fuzzy is a subscription-based pet healthcare startup that aims to make pet care more accessible and affordable. The company provides 24/7 live chat, virtual veterinary appointments, prescription fulfillment services, and a range of curated pet products.

Founded in 2016, Fuzzy has facilitated over 1 million appointments so far, and the digital company has even expanded into the physical world, with an expanding vet network now active in 25 locations.

The company, based in San Francisco, has raised a total of $80.5 million in funding to date, including a $44 million venture funding round closed in November 2021.

Months after securing this additional funding, Fuzzy has acquired its exact-match .com domain.

In an upgrade from, Fuzzy has purchased in a move first spotted by Jamie Zoch on Twitter:

The domain moved to a privacy-protected GoDaddy account recently, and the domain began forwarding to, the company’s current domain.

Acquiring is a smart move from Fuzzy, as its website is the main interaction point for the brand for both existing and new customers.


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