The 2022 Domain Checklist – 5 Things You Can Do Now

With the first week of 2022 almost complete, this is the perfect time to take some action on your domain name business. A little housekeeping and some planning may help you get your domaining year off to a great start. Here are five things you can do now.


Reflect on your 2021 strategy

How was 2021 for your domain investments? Did you have a good year? Reflecting and reviewing the last year can help to highlight what went well and what you might be able to change in the upcoming year. Did you notice any new services that you’d like to try in 2022, or are there any sales or acquisition strategies you’d like to implement? These are all valuable points to consider.


Check marketplace listings

Placing your domains for sale at marketplaces such as Afternic or Sedo are important methods of helping to catch the attention of potential buyers, but are your marketplace listings live and easily accessible? Checking that your domains are actually listed for sale at the marketplaces you use, and ensuring that your listings display the correct pricing information is important. I know of several investors who have discovered many of their domains that were actually unlisted in error.


Check your renewal settings

Checking the renewal settings for your domain names could prevent potentially expensive mistakes from happening when your domain names expire. Are there domain names that you need to renew but you’ve forgotten to enable the “auto-renew” setting? Do you have domains that you don’t want to renew, but you’ve forgotten to disable “auto-renew?” A quick check now will avert that all too familiar feeling of regret when auto-renewals arrive.


Review your pricing

The value of domain names can change, and making sure that your domain prices reflect the market can make a difference, especially for “buy it now” marketplace listings. For example, during the “meta” keyword frenzy from October 2021, many investors picked up bargain “buy now” domains after previous owners perhaps forgot to increase their asking prices.


Follow up with private acquisition targets

The start of a new year often means a lack of money for many, after a potentially expensive Christmas period! If you have been in contact with anyone about buying a domain name privately, January might be an opportune time to follow up and try and strike a deal.

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