Top 10 Stories on JamesNames in 2021

As we begin 2022, it’s worth looking back and reflecting on the previous year. In the spirit of reflection, here are the top ten articles from, based on page views, from 2021.


Brent Oxley Loses Access to, Plus Millions of Dollars Worth of His Domains

In March, I revealed that Brent Oxley had lost access to millions of dollars worth of his domains. The issue was resolved after around two weeks, and Oxley ultimately donated $50,000 to the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) as a “thank you” to the community for its help.


AbdulBasit Makrani on His $400,000 in Domain Sales Between January and June 2021

Domain investor AbdulBasit Makrani spoke to me in July about his domain investing activities. Makrani is notable for using GoDaddy’s Afternic platform. The marketplace helped him to $400,000 in domain sales between January and June 2021. AbdulBasit shares details of those $400,000 in sales, along with some of his sales. Moves to Epik

Back in January, there were reports that social network Parler had been used to coordinate the notorious storming of the US Capitol building. As a result, web hosts and registrars banished Parler from their platforms. I spotted that the domain moved to Epik. This made international news, with my article being referenced as a source in many major news outlets.


SteelHouse Rebrands to MNTN and

Californian advertising software company SteelHouse made the decision to rebrand in June. The company, which has been operating since 2009, rebranded to MNTN and acquired the domain name. Weeks later, MNTN also acquired


PSA: Cancel Credit Cards on File at Epik

Domain registrar Epik was hacked in 2021, which became one of the domaining stories of the year. The hack was comprehensive and included user data including email addresses and passwords. Also affected was credit card data, as I discovered, which led to the publication of this article prompting anyone with a credit card on file at Epik to cancel it.


Yogi Solanki’s Top 10 Tips to Succeed With Outbound Domain Sales

Yogi Solanki is quite a new name within the domaining industry, but he gained publicity from his ability to sell domain names via outbound marketing. This love of outbound marketing drove Solanki to publish a book called “Domain Outbound Marketing.” In this article, Yogi Solanki shared his top 10 tips to succeed with outbound domain sales. Will Be an NFT Service

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have made a substantial impact on the digital landscape. The likes of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks have turned into must-have assets, with some paying millions of dollars for them. Early in 2021, traded hands. This article reveals’s intended use as an NFT platform.


Clubhouse Acquires

In early 2021, audio platform Clubhouse was the network of choice for many to interact. Domain name investors flocked to Clubhouse, too. Speaking of domain names, the young social network made a significant purchase this year, acquiring as an upgrade from Sells at BrandBucket

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen mask wearing become a necessity in many countries. The purchase of masks online became a trend and, unsurprisingly, sold on the back of this trend. Of course, mask can also have several other meanings, including within the lucrative VPN industry.


How Do You Become a Better Domain Investor?

The tenth most popular article from JamesNames in 2021 was entitled “How Do You Become a Better Domain Investor?” This was a collection of steps someone might take in order to become a better domain investor. Take a look. Do you agree with what I wrote?


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