Curable Makes $90,000 Upgrade to

A health app made a significant investment in its brand by acquiring a one-word .com.

Curable, founded in 2016, is the developer of an app that delivers guided training to control chronic pain such as back pain and migraines.

The Chicago-based company takes a more mindful, whole-body approach to pain relief.

It’s a company with a wide userbase, too. According to the CDC, 20.4% of adults in America had chronic pain in 2019, with 7.4% of adults suffering from chronic pain that frequently limited life or work activities.

Curable, which hasn’t disclosed any external funding since 2017, recently made an important domain upgrade.

The company acquired for $90,000 from former owner Braden Pollock’s Legal Brand Marketing portfolio. This is a direct upgrade from Curable’s existing domain,

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