Dune Analytics Acquires Dune.com After $1 Billion Valuation

Web 3.0 companies are spending money on the right domain name. Whether that’s a .io, a .xyz, or even a premium .com.

Recently, George Kirikos discovered that digital asset company Galaxy Digital paid $1.8 million, plus a brokerage fee, to purchase Galaxy.com. Now, another Web 3.0 startup has bought a premium domain. This time, it’s Dune.com.

The acquisition was first spotted by Jamie Zoch on Twitter.

Dune.com, which was successfully defended in a UDRP in 2014, was previously owned by Calacom LLC, a company that owns an enviable portfolio of premium domains such as Craft.com, Tim.com, and Did.com to name just three.

The company also sold Sea.com last year to a Singapore-based group.

Dune.com’s new owner is Dune Analytics, an Ethereum-centric analytics platform founded in 2018. The Oslo-based startup began life on DuneAnalytics.com before switching to Dune.xyz. Now that it owns Dune.com, it’s expected that the company will transition to its new domain.

The purchase of Dune.com coincides with the announcement of a $69.4 million Series B funding round at a $1 billion valuation.



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