Fairway Launches New Website on the Rumored 8 Figure Domain Purchase, Home.com

In January 2021, DomainInvesting.com reported that Anything.com, a premium domain portfolio owner, sold off one of its prized assets, Home.com.

The domain was acquired by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Founded in 1996, Fairway offers mortgage and refinancing products for homeowners across the United States, employing more than 10,000 staff at over 750 branches.

Fairway, which also acquired Fairway.com in 2021, acquired Home.com for an undisclosed fee, which many considered to be in the eight-figure range.

During both the acquisition of Fairway.com and Home.com, Fairway was represented by expert broker Andrew Miller of ATM Holdings.

The company quickly put Home.com to work hosting a basic lead generation website, and also featured the name in TV commercials such as this one.

Now, a year after acquiring the domain, Home.com is home to a more complex site, leveraging the power of the domain to both acquire new customers and educate consumers.

It looks like Home.com, which is registered at GoDaddy, is now an entire brand of its own.

According to SimilarWeb, Home.com attracted 170,000 visitors in January 2022, with a reported 63.6% of that coming from direct, type-in traffic.

The current iteration of Home.com is likely more in line with the company’s aspirations for the domain than the temporary site that Home.com hosted for much of 2021.

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