Jumo acquires Jumo.com with the help of Yogi Solanki

Yogi Solanki got started in the domaining industry by flipping domains using outbound marketing. Solanki, who sold over $25,000 worth of domain names in his first six months, even wrote a popular book about domain outbound marketing.

He has now turned his hand to helping companies acquire domain names as a buyer broker.

This week, Solanki shared his latest deal with me. He facilitated Jumo’s acquisition of Jumo.com.

Jumo describes itself as building intelligent banking technology using AI and machine learning. Founded in 2015, this South African company has raised $214.2 million in funding, including a $120 million venture round announced in November 2021.

Jumo has operated on the domain Jumo.world, but it’s likely to transition to a new name after Solanki helped the company acquire Jumo.com in a deal that closed via Escrow.com this week.

The company acquired Jumo.com for an undisclosed five-figure fee.

For Jumo, securing its exact-match .com domain is a wise move.


2 thoughts on “Jumo acquires Jumo.com with the help of Yogi Solanki”

  1. My goodness .What a deal for buyer .Seems like no one advised the seller .

    This is why I would never deal with a domain broker. I am putting them on ignore for now .Don’t tell me client has only small budget and they end up raising millions .


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