This entrepreneur is making waves with domains and NFTs:, and a $23 million punk

Many of the leading entrepreneurs around the world understand the power of the best digital assets. Whether that’s domain names, cryptocurrency, or NFTs.

Several have made waves across multiple digital asset industries. Andrew Rosener, Andy and James Booth, and Hiren Patel are just a few names that come to mind immediately.

Another entrepreneur that caught my eye recently is Deepak Thapliyal.

Deepak, the owner of, certainly understands domain names and the wider digital asset landscape.

As the CEO of Chain, a blockchain-based technology company, Deepak and his team have made some savvy decisions when it comes to its digital brand. The company owns and operates, and also operates the @Chain Twitter and Instagram handles.

Chain also owned for a while, according to DomainIQ’s Whois history. As of publishing, it also owns domains such as,, and

Away from domain names, Deepak Thapliyal has made his mark in the NFT space. First, by apeing into the Bored Ape Yacht Club in a monumental way.

As of writing, Deepak’s wallet contains 7 Bored Apes, 7 Mutant Apes, and editions of the M1, M2, and Mega mutant serums from the Bored Ape Chemistry Club.

His NFT portfolio has taken substantial funds to create.

In December, Deepak paid 347 ETH (around $1.4 million at the time) to buy Bored Ape #9452. This was followed by a 1,542.069 ETH (around $5.8 million at the time) purchase of a Mega mutant serum, and days later by a 420.69 ETH (around $1.3 million at the time) purchase of Bored Ape #1837.

Deepak also bought CryptoPunk #5822, a rare alien pice, for 8,000 ETH, around $23 million at the time of purchase.

Successful entrepreneurs often see the potential value in assets that others miss, and are willing to risk sizable sums.

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  1. Good write up James. On a side note, Deepak Thapliyal also bought deepak.eth for 75 ETH (roughly $205,000) which is the third highest web 3.0 domain name sale so far.


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