Web 3.0 Accounting Company Upgrades to Tactic.com

Web 3.0 is a term that’s possibly overused at the moment, but it simply describes a new swathe of companies and innovators building products and services built on the principles of decentralization and greater user utility.

Companies in this category have been prime buyers of valuable .com, .io, and .xyz names in particular. This week, one company made the step up to an ultra-premium, single-word .com domain.

Tactic, which describes itself as a Web 3.0 accounting software provider, is a young company that will help you make sense of income and expenses paid in cryptocurrency. A much-needed product, based on the number of people that will need to declare cryptocurrency gains or losses on their tax returns.

The young company secured a prime domain name this week, courtesy of Buckley Media. Kate Buckley, founder and CEO of Buckley Media, confirmed in a series of tweets that her company brokered a payment plan deal for Tactic.com.

The deal means that the sales fee for Tactic.com will be paid over an undisclosed period of time. During this time, Tactic.com will be held in an Escrow.com account.

Payment plan deals can benefit both buyer and seller. In this case, the seller gets a constant income stream from the domain, while the buyer is able to use an ultra-premium domain name.

Tactic upgraded to Tactic.com from ChooseTactic.com.

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