After $1 million acquisition, company rebrands to

According to Statista, 184.83 million people watched their diet in 2020, with many choosing to follow a certain diet plan or restrict various food groups.

Since it’s often hard to follow a diet diligently, meal planning and recipes are searched for by millions each month. A company that offers thousands of recipes and meal plans has now changed its name.

In 2020, Elliot Silver reported that was acquired for $1 million by a Dutch entrepreneur building a meal planning and recipe website. Originally named, the company quickly rebranded to to take advantage of the premium name.

Now, though, the company looks like it has rebranded again.

As of writing, typing in redirects you to It’s the website, rebranded to Guac.

Whois history tells us that was likely acquired by the company in January 2022 from previous owners Get On The Web Ltd., a British company that owns thousands of short, premium domains.

The motivation for the rebrand is unclear. I contacted the company’s founder, but received no response. Perhaps the company will be looking to sell its prized asset,, switching to a cheaper name instead.


4 thoughts on “After $1 million acquisition, company rebrands to”

  1. My guess would be that they paid the million dollars thinking the name would pay for itself within a year. is worth it but maybe they couldn’t afford it. So they went to a short they could afford.

    Usually a generic that has sat idle needs at least a year to two years (non marketed) of growth with a new website or concept

    I think they pulled the chute too quickly.

  2. >

    I agree with M Castillo, they pulled the rug too soon.

    We’ve seen serious growth in meal prep and delivery services. Most of the USA economy will be post-COVID in a few months, and many restaurants will reopen as well.

  3. In an interview he (Mitchel van Duuren) said that he had purchased the domain with a payment plan. His new payment was coming up and he wanted to buy NFTs with his money instead.


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