As Well As a $1,945,000 Domain, Exodus Paid $100,000 for an Instagram Handle

In the first quarter of 2021, crypto wallet provider Exodus performed a significant domain upgrade, acquiring with the help of brokers Media Options.

According to data uncovered by George Kirikos, the company paid $1,945,000 to buy the domain, switching from in the process.

A recent annual report filed with the SEC by Exodus reveals that it has further invested in its digital asset arsenal.

Page F-20 of Exodus’ filing notes:

The Company purchased the Exodus Instagram handle during the third quarter of 2021 for $0.1 million.

The Instagram handle isn’t mentioned explicitly, but it’s likely to be the @Exodus Instagram handle. The buying and selling of social media handles is something that happens, but it does come with risks. Twitter, for example, threatens to permanently suspend any username that has been purchased.

Instagram’s terms of service also ban the purchase and sale of a username:

You can’t sell, licence or purchase any account or data obtained from us or our Service.
This includes attempts to buy, sell or transfer any aspect of your account (including your username)

It’s surprising to see Exodus unequivocally and publicly reveal that it bought an Instagram username for $100,000.


2 thoughts on “As Well As a $1,945,000 Domain, Exodus Paid $100,000 for an Instagram Handle”

  1. The @Exodus instagram account is a verified account belonging to a band. This could have been included in the article, either as a way to inform readers who the handle previously belonged to, or to inform readers that Exodus did not, in fact, purchase that handle. Now, we’re just confused.

    Otherwise, interesting report.

    (Sorry, I’m an editor.)

    • Thanks, Mark. But I can’t see @Exodus as a verified account on Instagram. There’s a verified band using @ExodusBandOfficial. I can’t find any evidence the band has ever used that @Exodus Instagram handle.


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